download Almediadev BusinessSkinForm VCL 12.10 for D5-XE10.3

BusinessSkinForm, which includes more than 120 components, helps you create applications with skins.

This program is a stable and versatile package for commercial applications. Its beautiful user interface is independent of the system. This program uses the user interface bar that uses the latest technologies to keep your desire to use different items.

ميزات وميزات مكون BusinessSkinForm:

  • Very high efficiency and very low use of system resources
  • Open architecture for skins
  • Programs can have one or more skins for Windows
  • Ability to change the shell at runtime
  • Dynamic and non-square resizable windows
  • Very nice external effects for the buttons as captions
  • Default styles for forms, controls and buttons
  • MDI support
  • Skins support for menus
  • Skins support for controls (tags, buttons, quick buttons, panels, checkboxes, radio buttons, tabs and page controls, list boxes, editing, etc.).
  • Many controls can have a non-square shape

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Download Almediadev BusinessSkinForm VCL for D5-XE10.3 Rio Full Source SkinAdapter 12.10

Download BusinessSkinForm 12.02 D5-XE10.2

Download BusinessSkinForm 12.02 Sample

Download BusinessSkinForm_11.51 D5-XE10.2 Full Source

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