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CMG Suite continues to break new ground for simulation and model building and advanced refinement of various process improvements through parallel processing. Among these processes, cross-disciplinary interactions such as thermal effects, geochemistry, geomechanics, behavior, and phase of liquids, as well as well hydraulics and exploration can be mentioned.  

Features of CMG Suite:

–  Adjustment of the Equations of State (EoS) to match the accuracy of laboratory results of fluid behavior analysis and prediction

–  Understanding the property of distribution inside the liquid tank of the systemin different states of discharge

–  Improving the understanding of the reservoir operation process

–   Realistic modeling of good branches

–  Multi-dimensional and  geometric modeling  with high accuracy

–  Using CMOST to optimize equipment location and search

–  Visualize and analyze output data and simulate them easily and effectively.

–  Quick and informed decision-making and improving the recovery and implementation of one or  more  areas  

– Real-time update of simulation results  and  their progress

–  Repeating facility plans for wells and grouping  them  at  high speed for production analysis  

–  Full integration of ownership and production specifications  with the 3D environment  

–   Simple  workflow management and data integration in relation to results

–  Manipulating and checking information and creating correlation tables

–  Carefully import data from third-party geological modeling programs

–  Increasing self-confidence in forecasting

–  Increasing the effectiveness of capital and team through optimization

–  Evaluation of the sensitivity of targets to different parameter values

–  Grading and date of model compliance with field and laboratory dataincluding temperature and 4D seismic _

–  Good optimization and gap-breaking to increase NPV and EUR production  

– Accurate physics model of all on-site recovery processes


You can see new tutorials and news about CMG Suite here.

required system

System Requirements
OS: Windows 10 Professional x64
CPU: Dual 28-Core Xeon† Gold 6238R 2.2Ghz-4.0-GHz, 38.5 MB Cache, (56 cores* total), OR NEWER
Memory: 96GB – 384GB RDIMM ECC DDR4 Memory, 2933MHz-3200MHz
GPU: NVIDIA† Quadro RTX4000 or greater




Installation guide

The installation guide is given in the readme.txt file inside the Crack Image folder.

Some antiviruses introduce bugs into crack files which is unnecessary and you should disable them. Including Windows Defender

Note: It does not work on a virtual system.

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CMG v2021.101 x64

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