download DevExpress Universal Complete 22.1 / VCL 21.1.7


Developer Express was founded in 1998, offering Delphi and C++Builder components as well as .NET components. With the name DevExpress, it quickly became one of the top companies providing programming components. Features such as the design of user interfaces with graphics and extraordinary and advanced features, complete and accurate reporting for all types of desktop and mobile platforms, as well as a tool for debugging programming codes in Visual Studio are provided by this collection.


The general list of components included in the DevExpress Universal for .NET collection :

WinForms Controls

ASP.NET WebForms Controls

ASP.NET MVC Extensions

WPF Controls

Silverlight Controls


Windows 8 XAML Controls

HTML JS Data Visualization Widgets

HTML JS Multi-Use Widgets

Data Visualization Dashboard

Report Server

eXpressApp Framework

TestCafé – Functional Web Testing

Coded UI Support for WinForms Controls


DevExtreme Mobile App Framework


The general list of components included in the  DevExpress VCL for Delphi & C++Builder collection :


Reports & Analytics

Navigation & Layout

Data Editors

Utility and Multi-Use Controls

Controllers and Repository Controls


Tips :

– Unfortunately, it is not possible to test the components.

– Due to the high number of components, sources, tools, etc., and their continuous and non-synchronous updating, the post is not necessarily updated to update each file.

– NET components set. It has a crack and the VCL component set is provided cracked and with sources.

– Documentation, guides, tools, and sources of .NET components are placed separately.

– The Universal collection includes all .NET components and includes the DXperience collection and is the most complete version. See here for component details and a comparison of different versions.

– The latest version of DxAutoInstaller and two other tools for installing the latest version of VCL components are also provided.

required system

Supported versions  of DevExpress Universal for .NET :


.NET Framework 4.0+


Visual Studio 2010-2019

For a more detailed view of the prerequisites compatible with different components, see here.

Supported versions of DevExpress VCL for Delphi & C++Builder :

Borland Delphi 7

CodeGear Delphi & C++Builder 2007

Embarcadero Delphi & C++Builder 2010

Embarcadero Delphi & C++Builder XE

Embarcadero Delphi & C++Builder XE2-10.3



Installation guide

To activate the Universal collection, after installation, first exit the Visual Studio environment and then run and apply the Patch_DownLoadLy.exe file in the Crack folder with Run as administrator. If the previous version of Patch has been applied, it will be removed automatically. The provided patch can be used for version 14; An updated crack for version 15 has also been posted.

To install the VCL set, the best way is to use the DevExpress VCL Components Automatic Installer or DxAutoInstaller tool, which allows you to easily install and use VCL components and sources.

The latest .net version cracks are placed at the end of the links in this section.

download link

DevExpress Universal for .NET


Download DevExpress v22.1.3 .Net Framework & .Net Core Components Source code
Download DevExpress Universal Complete 22.1 Multilingual


Download DevExpress Universal Complete 21.2.6 Multilingual
Download DevExpress Universal v21.2.5 New Crack
Download DevExpress_v21.1.5.21260
Download DevExpress_for .NET Component v21.1.4.21203
Download DevExpress_v21.1.3.0


Download DevExpress_v20.2.7.0
Download DevExpress_.NET v20.2.6.0
Download DevExpress_.NET Components
Download DevExpress_v20.2.4.21018
Download DevExpress_Universal 20.2.3 v2020.11.18
Download DevExpress Components Source Code .Net Framework and .Net Core 20.2.3
Download DevXpress Native UI Controls for Android-iOS 20.2.3
Download DevXpress Xamarin.Forms UI Controls 20.2.3
Download DevExpress for .NET v20.2.3.20325
Download DevExpress for .NET v20.2.3.20309


Download DevExpress_Components 2020.1 Source Code
Download DevExpress_for .NET v20.1.7
Download DevExpress for .NET v20.1.6
Download DevExpress Universal Multilingual


Download DevExpress_NET Components
Download DevExpress_Universal Complete 19.2.3 Build 20191024
Download DevExpress Components Source Code 19.1.7
Download DevExpress Complete 19.1.6 – Include CodeRush 19.1.8
Download DevExpress NET Components
Download DevExpress NET Components
Download DevExpress_Universal Complete 19.1.5 Build 20190807
Download DevXpress_Mobile UI Controls 19.1.3


Download DevExpress_NET Components
Download DevExpress_Universal Complete 18.2.7 Build 20190313
Download DevExpress_Universal Complete 18.2.6 Build 20190213
Download DevExpress_CodeRush 18.2.5
Download DevExpress_Universal Complete 18.2.4 Build 20181221
Download DevExpress_Components for .Net 2018.2.4 Source


Download DevExpress_Universal Complete 17.2.7 Build 20180321
Download DevExpress_Universal Complete 17.2.5 Build 20180124
Download DevExpress_.Net 17.2.5 Source


Download DevExpress_Universal Complete 16.2.6 Build 20170329
Download DevExpress_Components Source
Download DevExpress_Localized Resources 2016 Farsi


Download DevExpress_Universal Complete 15.2.10 Build 20160601
Download DevExpress_Universal 15.2.9 Source Code


Download DevExpress_.NET Components – DXperience
Download DevExpress_.NET CodeRush 14.2.7
Download DevExpress_.NET DevExtreme 14.2.7


Download DevExpress Universal Patch v2.5.0

Download DevExpress_Patch 9.0 by dimaster 2019 Edition
Download DevExpress Nag Screen Patch 1.2 by DFoX
Download DevExpress_Nag Screen Patch 1.1
Download DevExpress_NagTrial Fix for Dimasters Patch
Download DevExpress_Patch 7 Reg
Download Remove Nag at DevExpress_18.2.3
Download DevExpress_Universal Patch 8.0 by dimaster 2017 EDITION
Download DevExpress_Patch 8.0 for Visual Studio 2017
Download DevExpress_Registration Add-In – Doesn’t Support Visual Studio 2017
Download DevExpress_.NET Patch 6.2

DevExpress DXperience Subscription Loader

Download DevExpress_DXperience Subscription Loader 7 Install Sources
Download DevExpress_DXperience Subscription Loader Install Sources 6
Download DevExpress_DXperience Subscription Loader 5
Download DevExpress_DXperience Subscription_Loader 4 Install Sources

DevExpress VCL for Delphi & C++Builder

VCL 21

Download DevExpress VCL v21.1.7 for Delphi 11 Alexandria
Download DevExpress_VCL v21.1.6 for Delphi 11 Alexandria
Download DevExpress Runtime Libraries 21.1.6
Download DevExpress VCL v21.1.4 for Delphi 10.4.2
Download DevExpress_VCL v21.1.3 for Delphi 10.4.2 Sydney

VCL 20

Download DevExpress_VCL v20.2.5 for Delphi 10.4 Sydney
Download DevExpress VCL v20.2.4 for Delphi 10.4
Download DevExpress_VCL v20.2.3 for Delphi 10.4 Sydney
Download DevExpress_VCL 20.2.2 for Delphi 10.4

VCL 19

Download DevExpress VCL 19.1.2 Alexandria + devskins + DxAutoInstaller
Download DevExpress_VCL 19.1.2 for 10.4 Sydney + DxAutoInstaller
Download DevExpress_VCL 19.1.2 Full Source with DxAutoInstaller 2.2.2

VCL 18

Download DevExpress_VCL 18.2.8 Full Source with DxAutoInstaller 2.2
Download DevExpress_18.2.5 Source with DxAutoInstaller
Download DevExpress_VCL 18.1.6 Full Source with DxAutoInstaller for_Delphi 7-10.3 Rio

VCL 17

Download DevExpress_VCL 17.2.4 Full Source with DxAutoInstaller 2.1.9

VCL 16

Download DevExpress_VCL 16.2.5 Full Source up to DX10.2.2 Tokyo
Download DevExpress_VCL 16.2.5 Full Source
Download DevExpress_16.1.2 Watermark Remover
Download DxAutoInstaller 2.1.7 Tokyo

VCL 15

Download DevExpress_VCL 15.2.11 Full Sources DxAutoInstaller 2.1.7 For D10.2 Tokyo
Download DevExpress_VCL 15.2.2 Full Source XE10-10.1 + DxAutoInstaller 2.1.5

VCL 14.2

Download VCL 14.2.2 RAD Studio 10 Seattle
Download DevExpress_VCL 14.2.2 for XE8
Download DevExpress_VCL 14.2.2
Download DxAutoInstaller – 6.58 MB
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