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Smart Contract Security 101 Smart Contract Security 101 course published by EatTheBlocks Academy. Learn how to create Solidity smart contracts.

The goal of this course is to understand how to develop a smart contract in the most secure way possible.

To do this, we need to consider not only what we want to create in the contract, but also how to generate security-based code.

To achieve this, since contracts represent real money in a large percentage, we as developers need to be updated on the most known vulnerabilities and know how well old hacks worked to reproduce the same errors. let’s not This course focuses not only on the most known current vulnerabilities but also on good practices, explaining the patterns and problems of these, for example, conflicts when using scalable contracts or how to obtain random numbers in a deterministic blockchain. All this knowledge will be useful not only for the development of smart contracts but also for their audit. Therefore, the core knowledge is smart contracts.

What you will learn in the Smart Contract Security 101 training course:

  • Understanding security in a blockchain application
  • How does a smart contract attack work?
  • Known attacks and how to fix them (re-entry, overflow, re-attack, DoS, weak randomness and more).
  • Security best practices and patterns
  • Understand how three famous hacks happened.
  • How to test your contract?
  • How to find out about the coverage of our test?

What we will use in this course:

  • Hardhat
  • Solidity
  • OpenZeppelin
  • JavaScript
  • Ethers.js
  • Chainlink library
  • Chai.js
  • Coverage

Course details

  • Publisher: EatTheBlocks
  • Lecturer: Julián Zamt , Santiago Moreno
  • English language
  • Number of courses: 54
  • Training duration: 3 hours

Course headings

Smart Contract Security 101


Smart Contract Security 101

Course prerequisites

Web Development (Javascript, NodeJS)
Blockchain Development (Ethereum, Solidity, Hardhat)


Smart Contract Security 101

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