Flying Car

Udacity – Flying Car and Autonomous Flight Engineer (Nanodegree Program 787) v1.0.0


Flying Car and Autonomous Flight Engineer course published by Udacity Academy. Master the engineering skills of autonomous flight software as you build your career in flying machines and drone robotics.

You will learn the basic concepts needed to design and develop flying robots. You will work with our custom quadrotor test platform and flight simulator to implement planning, control and estimation solutions.

What you will learn in the Flying Car and Autonomous Flight Engineer training course:

  • In this project, you’ll write event-driven code to launch your drone, fly a predetermined path, and land in a simulated backyard environment.
  • Optimize 2D solutions using waypoints, then scale the solutions for 3D problems. Put these skills to good use by automatically piloting your drone through a dense urban environment.
  • Propulsion of a flying vehicle requires determining the appropriate low-level engine controls. Here, you will build a non-linear cascade controller for your drone system.
  • In this project you will implement an EKF to estimate height and position from IMU and GPS data of a flying robot. After doing this, you have implemented the entire stack for the aerial robot!
  • Learn the dynamics of fixed-wing flight and apply what you’ve learned by writing code to control a fixed-wing aircraft in simulation.

Course details

  • Publisher: Udacity
  • Instructor: Nicholas Roy , Angela Schoellig , Sebastian Thrun , Raffaello D’Andrea , Sergei Lupashin , Jake Lussier , Andy Brown
  • English language
  • Training level: advanced
  • Training duration: 11 hours and 5 minutes

Flying Car  Course headings


Flying Car

Flying Car  Course prerequisites

Substantial programming experience in any language
Intermediate-level programming experience in Python or willingness to learn
Intermediate-level programming experience in C++ or willingness to learn (including knowledge of memory allocation, classes, and references)
Basic Linear algebra
Calculus (derivatives and integrals)
Probability and statistics (mean, variance, and probability distributions)
Basic Physics (basic mechanics including knowledge of kinematics, dynamics, and torque)


Flying Car

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