Fundamentals of Backend Communications

Udemy – Fundamentals of Backend Communications and Protocols 2022


Fundamentals of Backend Communications and Protocols The course on the basics of backend communications and protocols published by Udemy Academy. Understand backend communication design patterns, protocols, implementations and proxies.

Backend engineering is an art. During my 18-year career working with and building back-end applications, I’ve noticed certain communication design patterns emerging. There are a handful of ways clients interact with backend applications, although there could be more, I believe the patterns I discuss in this course are the most common. Examples of these patterns are request-response, publish-subscribe, short and long, and push. Based on these communication design patterns, engineers may use a number of protocols for concrete communication.

While the main transport vehicles are limited to either TCP or UDP, thousands of industry-specific protocols have been built on top of these two to address specific problems and use cases. Examples of these high-level protocols include: HTTP/1.1, HTTP/2, HTTP/3, gRPC, WebRTC, and many others. Other transport protocols such as QUIC are built on top of UDP to lower HTTP/2 traffic at the transport level. Each protocol has its advantages and disadvantages and is tailored to specific use cases. In this course, I will discuss the most common protocols and provide examples and demos where appropriate.

What you will learn in the Fundamentals of Backend Communications and Protocols training course:

  • Learn the basics of backend engineering
  • Backend communication design patterns
  • Understand how backend communication protocols work.
  • Understand how the operating system core interacts with backend applications.
  • Fundamentals of the operating system (Thread, Process, async IO in Linux)
  • Learn HTTP/1.1, HTTP/2, HTTP/3.
  • And …

Who is this course suitable for:

  • Backend engineers
  • Full stack engineers
  • Frontend engineers interested in Backend (must have built a Backend application)
  • Network engineers who want to get better at backend design.
  • Site Reliability Engineers

Course details

  • Publisher: Udemy
  • Instructor: Hussein Nasser
  • English language
  • Education level: Intermediate
  • Number of courses: 49
  • Training duration: 14 hours and 50 minutes

Fundamentals of Backend Communications Course headings


Fundamentals of Backend Communications

Fundamentals of Backend Communications Course prerequisites

Intermediate programming skills (1-2 years)
Having built a backend application
Basic network fundamentals



Fundamentals of Backend Communications

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