Master Network Automation with Python

Udemy – Master Network Automation with Python for Network Engineers 2022


Master Network Automation with Python for Network Engineers is a zero-to-hundred network automation training course with Python programming language published by Udemy Academy. This course has been prepared exclusively for engineers and information network activists and can improve your knowledge in the field of automation.

This training course includes a series of scattered topics, the most important of which are the principles and basics of automation with Python programming language and Ansible software, Secure Shell (SSH), Paramiko, and Netmiko He mentioned Napalm, Telnet network protocol, Cisco and its various products and equipment, Linux operating system and its most important commands and commands, etc. This training course can be used by all beginners and professionals.

In order to help you get the best possible result, a Python programming language mini-course is included along with the other video files of the course, which can be very effective. All topics and techniques taught in this training course can be implemented on Cisco servers and multi-operating system environments.

What you will learn in the Master Network Automation with Python for Network Engineers training course:

  • Working with different files and formats in the Python programming language, such as text, csv, json and yaml files.
  • Serialization and deserialization
  • Bytes and objects in Python version 3
  • Topics related to multi-processing and multi-threaded processing
  • Paramiko and Telnet library
  • Using SSH codes to automate the configuration process of Cisco, Linux and…
  • Creating dedicated Python modules
  • And …

Master Network Automation with Python Course details

Publisher: Udemy
Instructor: Andrei Dumitrescu and Crystal Mind Academy
Language: English
Education level: introductory to advanced
Number of lessons: 233
Duration of training: 20 hours and 9 minutes

Master Network Automation with Python Course headings

Master Network Automation with Python


Prerequisites of Master Network Automation with Python for Network Engineers course

No prior Python knowledge is required. There is a general Python programming section included.
Basic knowledge of networking concepts (TCP/IP Stack, Cisco CCNA Level).
A Linux, Mac or Windows Machine with an Internet connection and at least 4 GB of RAM.
No paid software required. Only free software will be used: Python 3, PyCharm, GNS3, VirtualBox, Linux, etc.
Cisco IOS Images should be acquired by the student (from Cisco’s official website – contract required) to run into GNS3 or practice all the concepts on real Cisco devices.
Basic Knowledge of GNS3 and how to run Cisco Images, although I’ll provide you with the necessary setup information.

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Master Network Automation with Python

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