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RadSystems Studio is an environment for the rapid development and delivery of custom applications, without the need for specialized programming knowledge. This software offers countless solutions and design components to make your programs faster and more complete in both the API and UI sections; By writing a little code or even without the need to write code.

This software reduces coding time and facilitates the development process. You can create the same program in several programming languages ​​with the same source code, and this is with the help of the complex algorithms of this software. Your applications are built on the server-side frameworks PHP Laravel, Python Flask, Node Express.js, ASP.NET Core and the front-end frameworks Bootstrap, jQuery, Vue.js, Quasar, PrimeVue, React, and Flutter. You will publish your classic app, single page app (SPA), progressive web app (PWA), and mobile app in one or more clicks.

This software is used in building applications with CRUD operations (create, read, update and delete), with business rules and validation. You can also create arbitrary queries on MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite and MS SQLServer databases and update database information.

Facilities and features of RadSystems Studio

  • Having different frameworks and libraries
  • Visual and fast design of all steps
  • API Generation
  • Responsive and reactive design
  • High security (in the article SQL Injection attacks, CSRF, XSS, etc.)
  • Documentation and development capability in the next steps
  • Ability to edit codes and information as desired
  • CRUD operations on databases
  • Creating reports and output in Excel, PDF, CSV, and Print formats
  • Multilingual software development
  • And …

System requirements RadSystems Studio

Operating System
Radsystems Studio currently supports only the Windows Operating System (OS), and Windows x86/x64 (7, 8, 10, 11). You can download the OS from the Microsoft website. For those using other operating systems, you will need to install a Virtual Machine (VM) and then install the supported Windows OS to that Virtual Machine (VM) in order to install Radsystems Studio in it.

Development Servers
The recommended development server for Radsystems Studio is Laragon. Laragon gives the option to install multiple versions of PHP, NodeJS, Python, etc.

Backend Framework (API)
Backend Frameworks are the aspect of the project that runs and is executed on the server.

PHP – Laravel
The PHP – Laravel depends on the Laravel 7.24 framework, which requires PHP 7.2.5 to 7.4.x and Composer for package management. But if you download and install the Laragon full setup, you are ready to develop a Laravel, Boostrap & jquery (PHPRad Classic) project.

NodeJS – Express
The NodeJS – Express framework depends on NodeJS version 10 and above, but it is recommended that you use NodeJS version 14 or any of the Long-Term Support (LTS) versions. Once it is installed, you are ready to use the NodeJS – Express backend framework.

See Also:

Android Studio 2021.3.1.17 Win/ 4.0 Linux/macOS + SDK 2022.04.29

LINQPad Premium 7.5.16

DecSoft App Builder 2022.32 x64/ 2022.17 x86

Please note that it is recommended that you download any of the Long-Term Support (LTS) versions.

Python – Flask
The Python–Flask framework depends on Python 3, but it is recommended you use Python 3.8 Once it is installed, you are ready to use the Python–Flask backend framework.

ASP .Net Core
The ASP .Net Core framework depends on .NET Core 3.1 Once it is installed, you are ready to use the ASP .Net Core backend framework.

Frontend Framework (UI)
These are the frameworks used for generating the HTML, CSS and JavaScript for the projects.

Vue Quasar
The Vue Quasar framework depends on NodeJS version 10.18.1, Quasar CLI. It is recommended that you use NodeJS version 14. After installing NodeJS, you can install Vue Quasar CLI using npm i -g @quasar/cli, if you don’t and you try to create a project, Radsystems Studio will prompt you to install it.

The PrimeVue framework depends on VueJS, but it is not required to install the VueJS CLI. But it is recommended that you have NodeJS already installed.

Bootstrap JQuery
The Bootstrap JQuery frameworks do not have any requirements that need to be installed. Once you have installed Laragon, XAMPP or any other dev server, you are ready to create Bootstrap and JQuery projects.

Publish Platforms
Desktop Platform with Quasar 
The requirement for developing a Desktop app with Quasar is Electron.

Mobile Platform with Quasar
In order to develop mobile app with Radsystems Studio, there are multiple requirements that need to be met before you can do so.

You need to download and install Android Studio.
After installing Android Studio, you need to add your Android SDK path to ANDROID_HOME and ANDROID_SDK_ROOT.

Below are the list of paths you need to enter if they don’t already exist:

Add XAMPP PHP Path C:xamppphp or else locate you PHP installation path and add it.
Add Python %localappdata%ProgramsPythonPython38 (This is the path of my python.exe).
Python Script %localappdata%ProgramsPythonPython38Scripts (This is the path of my pip.exe).
.NetCore path %programfiles%dotnet (This is the path of my dotnet.ext).

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Installation guide

The instructions and installation steps are given in the Readme text file.

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RadSystems Studio 5.1.4
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