Red Giant VFX Suite

Download Red Giant VFX Suite 2023.2.0 Windows/ 1.0.4 macOS


Red Giant VFX Suite is the name of a very useful plugin in the field of graphics for Adobe After Effects. In fact, with the help of this software package, you will be able to apply your realistic visual effects in the After Effects software environment on your projects. By using the Super comp technology in this plugin, the realism of your effects is made possible in the real sense. In fact, this plugin is known as a professional composite tool in the world of graphics. This plugin also has tools to create shadows and reflections.

The Red Giant VFX Suite plugin has also made it possible for you to clean and track (TRACKING) in the best possible way. Benefiting from tools such as fast lighting, and accurate tracking from frame to frame of your projects are among other uses of this plugin. You can also apply very beautiful and attractive lighting effects to your projects when using this software package. The creators of this plugin believe that you will not find any plugin that can create more beautiful and high-quality visual effects than this plugin.

Features and Specification of the Red Giant VFX Suite plugin collection:

  • The possibility of creating realistic composites
  • Tracing and cleaning your graphic designs accurately
  • Apply bright and attractive visual effects to your projects
  • The ability to apply changes to the background of your graphic images and videos
  • The possibility of making changes in the colors of your designs


The tools in this package:

  • VFX Super comp
  • Optical Glow VFX
  • VFX King Pin Tracker
  • VFX Spot Clone Tracker
  • Chromatic Displacement VFX
  • Knoll Light Factory VFX
  • VFX Primate Keyer
  • Shadow VFX
  • Reflection VFX

required system

Host Applications
Adobe After Effects CC 2019 and later

Operating Systems

macOS X 10.15.7 and later*
4 GB of RAM
800 MB of Hard Drive space

*All our plugins run natively on M1 machines, except for Knoll Light Factory (may work via Rosetta)

Windows 10 & 11 64-bit
4 GB of RAM
800 MB of Hard Drive space

Note: This software was never compatible with Windows 7, 8, or 8.1. It’s just compatible with Windows 10 since its release.

Additional Requirements
We support any CPU from Intel or AMD, as well as M1 macs for all plugins except Knoll Light Factory (it may work via Rosetta).

The minimum GPU required is an Intel HD 5000 integrated graphics chip. Of course, newer and faster discrete GPU components from AMD and Nvidia will yield faster performance.

For Nvidia, we recommend 9xx series graphics cards or newer; mobile GPUs; or the professional series Quadro cards.
For AMD, we recommend 200 series graphics cards or newer; mobile GPUs; or the professional series FireGL cards.
VRAM size requirements: For HD resolution output, we recommend that your GPU have at least 2 GB of memory. If you are planning on doing high-resolution projects in 4K or more, we recommend a GPU with at least 4 GB of memory.

Red Giant VFX Suite Pictures

Red Giant VFX Suite


Installation guide

The required serial is included with the versions.

download link

Download Red Giant VFX Suite 2023.2.0 x64
Download Red Giant VFX Suite 1.0.4 macOS
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