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Sandboxie is useful software to protect your data while surfing the web or running suspicious software. Browsing the web, downloading, or running software may make the system’s security settings incomplete. To prevent this from happening, high user experience and powerful protection layers are needed so that malware does not spread in the system. For example, by opening an unknown software, it is possible that malware in the flash memory will transfer itself to the system and reproduce.

In the meantime, by running software and surfing the web in an isolated environment, even novice users can be safe from malware. Sandboxie can easily provide you with this isolated environment. We usually know Internet Explorer with its security holes. Sandboxie can accurately cover IE holes. Sandboxied can be referred to as a complete environment for testing insecure software, software cracks, unknown viruses, etc. The software does not allow the monitored programs to make any changes to the system.

Features and Specification of Sandboxie software:

  • Providing an isolated environment
  • Testing unknown software, files and sites
  • Prevent changes made by monitored programs in the system
  • Protecting unknown emails
  • Support for all types of browsers, software and operating systems

required system

Windows 7 through 10

Legacy Operating Systems such as Windows XP and Windows Vista

Available in both 32 and 64 bit versions

Requires less than 6MB of hard drive space with simple installation

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Installation guide

This program is released for free and has no limitations.

download link

Download Sandboxie 5.60.3 Multilingual x86
Download Sandboxie 5.60.3 Multilingual x64
Download Sand boxie Plus 1.0.14 Multilingual x64
Download Sand boxie Plus 1.0.14 Multilingual x86
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