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Summitsoft Logo Design Studio Pro Platinum

Summitsoft Logo Design Studio Pro is the best-selling logo design tool. Find yourself while you can easily create unique logos for your work. This software comes with a great tool that makes logo design very easy. There are various templates designed for the program that you can use to make your own logos. With Summitsoft Logo Design Studio Pro, logo design is simplified for people who do not know the graphics . You do not need to have a valid degree in graphics to understand how this program works.

This software has been operating for nearly 10 years and has a long history in this field. Why spend so much money hiring a graphic designer to design when you can design your own logo? With the unique tools of this program you can find shapes, fonts, curves and…. Change. With the user interface, especially this program, you can easily work with this program and do whatever you want. Creativity in this program has no size and you can create a shadow in the background of your logo to make it look like your logo is three-dimensional and located on the outside of the screen.

Features of Summitsoft Logo Design Studio Pro software:

  • Ability to create an unlimited number of logos, for each person
  • Flexible and dynamic user interface, usable for everyone
  • 10 years of experience, the best-selling logo program
  • Ability to create files in SVG format
  • Has over 2000 pre-prepared templates for faster logo design
  • Ability to add shadows in the background of the log.

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file.

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Summitsoft Logo Design Studio Pro Platinum

Download part 1 – 1 GB
Download part 2 – 925 MB
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