The Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass

The Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass by Anthony Metivier 2019


The Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass is a comprehensive and complete training course on the magnetic memory enhancement method published by the Magnetic Memory Method website. This course is prepared by Anthony Metivier. Dr. Anthony Metivier is one of the most prominent and influential people in the fields of memory enhancement and language learning, and several million copies of his books have been sold all over the world. Strengthening memory has an inseparable and important relationship with maintaining its health. Those who use memory enhancement techniques, their brains will age later and they can easily maintain their good work and mental performance in the long term.

The methods and techniques introduced in this training course have been used and exploited by more than 100,000 different students all over the world and its good performance has been proven in scientific research. And you will get familiar with the memorization and use them in a very practical way. These strategies can be used in different situations such as classrooms, taking notes and writing notes in different courses, mathematics and related sciences, and memorizing the names of different places, addresses and names and phone numbers of different people. Learning the language is beneficial.

What you will learn in The Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass:

  • Different strategies and techniques to improve memory and memorization
  • Improving the overall function of the brain and reducing the speed of brain aging
  • Loki’s way
  • Increasing the speed of learning and reading books by three times
  • Different techniques of learning and memorizing vocabulary of different languages
  • Permanent and long-term memory of faces and names
  • Learning and memorizing different poems
  • Memorizing various mathematical formulas
  • And …

Course details

Publisher: Magnetic Memory Method Website
Instructor: Anthony Metivier
Language: English
Education Level: Introductory to Advanced
Number of Lessons: 7
Duration of Education: 5 hours and 5 minutes

The Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass Course headings

Memory Course #1: The Magnetic Memory Method Masterplan

Memory Course #2: How To Learn & Memorize The Vocabulary Of Any Language

Memory Course #3: How To Memorize Names & Faces

Memory Course #4: How To Learn & Memorize Poetry

Memory Course #5: How to Memorize Numbers, Equations and Simple Arithmetic

Memory Bonus #1: How to Memorize the Terminology of Any Profession

Memory Bonus #2: The Ultimate Language Learning Secret

Memory Bonus #3: The Magnetic Memory Method Print & Video Newsletter

Memory Bonus #4: How To Remember Your Dreams

Memory Bonus #5: Visualization Mastery

Prerequisites for The Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass


The Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass Course images


The Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass

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