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Udemy – 40 Real World Data Science, Machine Learning Projects 2022


40 Real World Data Science, Machine Learning Projects 2022 is a project-based training course on Machine Learning and Data Science published by Udemy Academy. Your main tools in this training course are the Python programming language and the Flask framework. Data science is one of the most important and demanding job positions that play an important role in processing business information and developing sales strategies.

By using various techniques of data science and machine learning, business owners and employers can improve their marketing campaigns and implement their advertising plans in a targeted and effective manner. Among the most important applications of data science, we can mention the reduction of economic and technical risks, detection of fake transactions and transfers, prevention of failure and inconsistency of various equipment in production lines, dealing with cyber attacks, etc.

Data science and various machine learning techniques can also be very effective in the executive and operational stages of business. Among its most important operational applications, we can mention the improvement of the warehouse and supply chain management process, the connection of distribution networks, the management of the after-sales service department, etc.

The main goal of various businesses to implement data science techniques is to reduce current business costs, save time and improve customer service. With the help of modern data science techniques, employers and business owners can identify potential and profitable areas by carefully analyzing customer behavior, market trends, competitors, and people’s interests, and avoid investing in inactive markets. and prevent stagnation.

What you will learn in the course 40 Real World Data Science, Machine Learning Projects 2022:

  • Familiarity with machine learning and data science techniques and their application in the business environment
  • Implementation of data science techniques and applications in real situations and projects
  • Building and developing different information models to analyze the business process
  • Development of 40 practical projects in a period of 40 days and familiarization with the most used methods and techniques in the field of business

Course details

Publisher: Udemy
Instructor: Pianalytix
Language: English
Education Level: Introductory to Advanced
Number of Lessons: 250
Duration of Education: 29 hours and 23 minutes

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40 Real World Data Science

40 Real World Data Science


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Enthusiasm To Learn New Things

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40 Real World Data Science

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The version of 2021/10 compared to 2021/9 has increased the number of 3 lessons and the duration of 1 minute.

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