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Udemy – Complete Blender Megacourse: Beginner to Expert 2022


Complete Blender Megacourse: Beginner to Expert is the name of the comprehensive Blender training course from beginner to advanced, published by the Udemy website. A design like a pro! Have you ever wanted to make 3D models? In the age of technology, digital home entertainment is more popular than ever and shows no signs of slowing down. Maybe you want to try your hand at making your own animated film, or maybe you want to make your own video game. 

Whether you’re new to Blender or hoping to make a career out of it, 3D creation isn’t just for professionals. And we’re here to teach you how to do it like a pro. And we’re here to teach you how to create incredible designs. In this course, we’ll teach you everything you need to get started with Blender, a powerful, versatile, and best of all free software that lets you create 3D objects, scenes, and even characters. give completely

This course covers Blender from an absolute beginner’s perspective, showing you how to download and run the program, the basics of 3D space, modeling, sculpting, texturing, and lighting. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to take your ideas from a complete concept to a final, finished model ready to be integrated into any game or animation engine.

The only limit you can create is your imagination. This is a 3-in-1 course led by three experts in various aspects of 3D art. Our instructors have years of experience not only working with Blender, but also teaching, and the curriculum is expertly designed to be easy to follow and thorough. We have even designed many examples for you to read on the screen. That’s why this is the only Blender course you need to create 3D models and scenes like a pro!

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Anyone who wants to learn computer graphics and 3D artwork – no experience necessary!
  • Artists and game developers who want to learn Blender
  • Anyone who is new to Blender but wants to brush up on their character creation and 3D environment modeling skills.

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What you will learn in Complete Blender Megacourse: Beginner to Expert:

  • How to use Blender and its elements
  • Principles of mesh modeling and advanced modeling techniques
  • How to use texture and material correctly
  • To create game assets
  • How to sculpt your character in Blender
  • How to create your own 3D environments in Blender
  • Blender 3.0 user interface and various tools
  • Principles of sculpture
  • How to render in Blender
  • How to model a simple style character to create a complete character by designing and completing the body, clothes, and shoes
  • How to texture, model, sculpt, light and render different scenes and environments

Course details:

  • Publisher: Udemy
  • Instructor: Creativity Unleashed
  • English language
  • Training level: introductory to advanced
  • Number of courses: 232
  • Training duration: 129 hours 27 minutes

Complete Blender Megacourse Course headings

Complete Blender Megacourse


Complete Blender Megacourse Course prerequisites

  • No previous knowledge of Blender is required!
  • A desire to learn
  • A positive attitude

Complete Blender Megacourse Course images


Complete Blender Megacourse

Installation guide

After extracting, watch with your favorite player.

English subtitle

Quality: 720p


Version 8/2022 compared to 2022/6 has increased the number of 16 lessons and the duration of 17 hours and 58 minutes (Bonus title: Fast Learning), which is available for download separately.

download link

Version 2022/6

Download part 1 – 5 GB
Download part 2 – 5 GB
Download part 3 – 5 GB
Download part 4-5 GB
Download part 5 – 5 GB
Download part 6 – 5 GB
Download part 7 – 5 GB
Download part 8 – 5 GB
Download part 9 – 5 GB
Download section 10 – 5 GB
Download part 11 – 5 GB
Download section 12 – 5 GB
Download part 13 – 5 GB
Download part 14 – 5 GB
Download part 15 – 5 GB
Download part 16 – 5 GB
Download part 17 – 5 GB
Download part 18 – 5 GB
Download part 19 – 5 GB
Download part 20 – 5 GB
Download part 21 – 729 MB

Update 8/2022 (Bonus title: Fast Learning)

Download part 1 – 4 GB
Download part 2 – 4 GB
Download part 3-4 GB
Download part 4 – 4 GB
Download part 5 – 4 GB
Download part 6 – 385 MB
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