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Complete Next.js Developer in 2023: Zero to Mastery is a Next.js website development framework course published by ZeroToMastery Academy. This training course is 100% project-oriented and you will develop a powerful web application similar to the Netflix service together with the course instructor. In order to make the course practical and increase the student’s learning potential, the cloning style or code clone has been used in this course.

Next.js is a modern and developing framework, and new features are added to it day by day and its software core is optimized. The numerous and successive changes of this framework have caused many educational resources available on the Internet to become outdated and no longer applicable in the new environment of the framework. This training course is compatible with the latest released version of Next.js and will teach you all its new features.

This training course is the most useful for full stack programmers because in addition to Next.js from the React framework, Hasura, Context API, Airtable, Serverless functions, Framer Motion animation library, and Vercel, in order to build a 100% web application. It has hundreds of practical uses. Next.js is still not very popular with big frameworks like React and Angular.

In the first part of this training course, you will compare Next.js with other existing frameworks and learn about its competitive advantages. Among the most important topics of this course are the initial setup of the framework and the creation of the first project, familiarization with fast refresh capabilities and CSS modules, types of routing and the use of each, styling different elements, and global styles. And separately, he mentioned website SEO and page rendering techniques.

What you will learn in Complete Next.js Developer in 2023: Zero to Mastery course:

  • Building real and advanced web applications with Next.js
  • Getting to know the latest capabilities and tools of the Next.js ecosystem
  • Implementation of the authentication section and management of user entry and exit
  • Implementation of automatic login without password
  • Website optimization methods with Next.js
  • Getting to know the techniques of improving website SEO
  • Familiarity with various website rendering techniques such as static site generation, server-side rendering, incremental static regeneration hydration, etc.
  • Using Airtable service to develop the server side of the website
  • Getting to know the new features and facilities provided in the latest versions of JavaScript such as ES6, ES7, ES8, ES9, ES10, ES2020 and ES2021

Course details

Publisher: Udemy
Instructor: Ankita Kulkarni and Andrei Neagoie
Language: English
Education level: Intermediate
Number of courses: 433
Duration of training: 36 hours and 51 minutes

Course topics on 12/2022


Complete Next.js Developer

Prerequisites of the course Complete Next.js Developer in 2023: Zero to Mastery

Basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript knowledge

You do not need any experience with React or any other JS framework! We even provide introductory React lectures as an option!

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Complete Next.js Developer

Complete Next.js Developer Installation guide

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The 2021/11 version has increased the number of 24 lessons and the duration to 3 hours and 27 minutes compared to 2021/10.

The 2022/1 version has increased the number of 96 lessons and the duration of 5 hours and 53 minutes compared to 2021/11.

The 2022/8 version has increased the number of 26 lessons compared to 2022/1, but the total duration of the lessons has decreased by 4 minutes.

The version of 2022/11 has increased the number of 1 lesson and the duration of 4 minutes compared to 2021/8.

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