Ethereum Blockchain Developer Bootcamp

Udemy – Ethereum Blockchain Developer Bootcamp With Solidity (2022)


Ethereum Blockchain Developer Bootcamp With Solidity is a comprehensive training course on blockchain programming and development on the Ethereum platform, published by Udemy Academy. Solidity programming language is one of the most widely used and popular languages ​​in the blockchain platform. Solidity is a relatively modern and new programming language that is used in the development of smart contracts.

This training course is one of the most complete and comprehensive training courses on blockchain development on the Ethereum platform. During the educational process of this course, you will face various targeted projects and exercises, each of which will test your skills. Cryptocurrencies and blockchains are relatively new and emerging technologies that are expected to become widespread in the next few years and be used in various projects.

What you will learn in Ethereum Blockchain Developer Bootcamp With Solidity:

  • Solidity programming language basics
  • Deep understanding of blockchain technology theoretically and practically
  • Getting to know smart contracts and their applications
  • Using Ethereum development tools
  • Getting to know the powerful Ethereum platform and its potential and limitations
  • Familiarity with the concept of decentralization and decentralization
  • Understanding the structure of solidity codes
  • Getting to know the third-generation decentralized Internet (Web3)
  • Creating and using the MetaMask wallet
  • Working with Truffle and Remix frameworks

Ethereum Blockchain Developer Bootcamp Course details

Publisher: Udemy
Instructor: Ravinder Deol , Thomas Wiesner and Martin Sterlicchi
Language: English
Education Level: Introductory to Advanced
Number of Lessons: 256
Duration of Education: 22 hours and 23 minutes

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Ethereum Blockchain Developer Bootcamp Course topics on 11/2022

Ethereum Blockchain Developer Bootcamp


Ethereum Blockchain Developer Bootcamp With Solidity course prerequisites

You Need A Computer With Linux, MacOS Or Windows.

A Basic Understanding Of Web-Technologies.

Knowledge Of A Programming Language Is Beneficial (Integers, Booleans, Strings, Etc.) Though Not Required.

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Ethereum Blockchain Developer Bootcamp

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The version of 2022/10 compared to 2020/5 has increased the number of 115 lessons and the duration of 9 hours and 19 minutes.

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