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Udemy – MERN Stack Course – MongoDB, Express, React and NodeJS 2022


MERN Stack Course – MongoDB, Express, React, and NodeJS is a MERN Stack full-stack technology and development course published by Udemy Academy. MERN is a simple and basic term for four technologies: NodeJS, React, Express framework, and MongoDB database management system.

The main axis and link of all the mentioned technologies and frameworks is the JavaScript programming language, and the user can practically enter the world of MERN Stack by learning JavaScript and starting development in the fastest possible time and with the least amount of technical knowledge. Become a full-stack web provider. With the help of these 4 technologies, developers can design and run medium and semi-heavy web applications and get many job opportunities.

This training course is completely project-oriented and the student will work together with the instructor in the process of developing a job search and employment application called Jobify.

What you will learn in MERN Stack Course – MongoDB, Express, React, and NodeJS:

  • Full stack web development with MERN Stack
  • JavaScript programming language and its principles
  • React client-side development framework
  • Database development with Mango DB
  • NodeJS and Express
  • Connecting front-end applications to the server and database
  • Implementation of authentication system and user login and logout management with JWT
  • React Hooks _
  • Async/Await functions
  • React Router version 6 ( React Router )
  • Axios
  • JavaScript version ES6
  • The final release of the application on the Heroku platform
  • Getting to know the principles and best techniques and methods of developing server-side and client-side web applications
  • Add normalize.css and global styles to React applications
  • Designing and programming various website pages such as landing page, 404 error, login/registration, dashboard, etc.
  • Optimizing and adding images to the website
  • Routing in React with React Router 6
  • State management in React
  • Creating a global context with createContext
  • Create global state with useReducer hook
  • Management of errors and warnings in the application
  • Using ES6 modules in NodeJS and developing the server side of the website
  • Implementing the nodemon package
  • Installation and configuration of MongoDB databases in cloud hosting
  • API test in POSTMAN tool
  • Email validation
  • Install express-async-errors package
  • Error handling in the Express framework
  • Install the package concurrently
  • Create nested and complex pages in React
  • Installing moment.js on the server side and the client side
  • Add charts and graphs to the website
  • Add search functions and data filtering to the website

Course details

Publisher: Udemy
Instructor: John Smilga
Language: English
Education level: Intermediate
Number of lessons: 209
Duration of training: 19 hours and 18 minutes

MERN Stack Course headings

MERN Stack


MERN Stack


MERN Stack Course prerequisites – MongoDB, Express, React and NodeJS

Good Grasp of Javascript

Solid understanding of ES6

React Basics

Node and Express Basics

MERN Stack Course images


MERN Stack

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The 2022/11 version has increased the number of 14 lessons and 1 hour 11 minutes compared to 2022/1. Also, its quality has been upgraded from 720p to 1080p.

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