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Udemy – Online Japanese N4 Course (All 15 lessons) 2021


Online Japanese N4 Course (All 15 lessons) is a Japanese language training course for the JLPT N4 level exam published on Udemy Academy. The Japanese Language Proficiency Test, abbreviated as JLPT, is a five-level test to evaluate the Japanese language skills of non-native speakers.

The highest level of this test is N1 and the most elementary level is N5. In this course, you can study vocabulary, phrases, and grammar that correspond to JLPT N4 level. Therefore, you must pass the JLPT N5 course or master the concepts and topics taught in it. N4 level Japanese is used in real conversations, so this course is also useful for JLPT preparation and improving your Japanese communication skills.

In this training course, all narratives include English subtitles, and any beginner Japanese learner can read the available resources freely and comfortably. If you are determined to learn the Japanese language and pass the N5 level; Now it’s time to take the N4 course and prepare for more advanced levels. So, download the training from the Downloadly site and visit our site to see the rest of the training .

Who is this course suitable for:

  • Learners who know English and whose mother tongue is not Japanese.
  • Learners who have mastered JLPT N5 Japanese and Japanese at the introductory level.
  • Learners who want to take JLPT N4.
  • Learners who want to learn Japanese for basic business conversations.
  • Learners who want to be proficient in Japanese conversation.
  • Students enrolled in a Japanese language school or studying Japanese in college.
  • International students who are going to immigrate to Japan.

What you will learn in the Online Japanese N4 Course (All 15 lessons):

  • Mastery of vocabulary, phrases, and grammar related to JLPT N4 level.
  • Understand things that are spoken slowly in everyday conversations.
  • Be able to understand and read common phrases and sentences written at the N4 level of kanji.
  • Be able to have basic Japanese conversations in everyday life.
  • Preparation for JLPT level N3
  • And …

Specifications of Online Japanese N4 Course (All 15 lessons):

Publisher:  Udemy
Instructor:  Attain Online Japanese Language School
Language: English
Education Level: Introductory to Advanced
Number of Courses: 218 Course
Duration: 13 hours and 52 minutes

Headlines of the Online Japanese N4 Course (All 15 lessons) :

Online Japanese N4 Course


Online Japanese N4 Course prerequisites:

  • For the learners who haven’t learned N5 level Japanese, it is recommended that you should learn “Online Japanese N5 Course (All 15 lessons)” first.
  • Acquire the JLPT N5. (Possible through the Online Japanese N5 Course)
  • Print the Online Japanese PDF textbook. Take the class while consulting the textbook.
  • There is a review corner in the video clips. The learner is given a set amount of time to think, but if there isn’t enough time to think, please pause the video.
  • For preparation and review, the N4 Course vocabulary list, expressions list, and grammar list can be used.

Online Japanese N4 Course Pictures

Online Japanese N4 Course

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