Signal processing problems

Udemy – Signal processing problems, solved in MATLAB and in Python 2022


Signal processing problems, solved in MATLAB and in Python is a training course from the Udemy site that solves problems related to signal processing and DSP using MATLAB and Python. Nature is very complex and mysterious and one of the biggest challenges in understanding it is data analysis. Nature has a great tendency to combine signal and noise sources and this problem makes understanding nature more difficult. Therefore, one of the most important goals of time data analysis and signal processing is noise isolation.

One of the biggest ideas of DSP or digital signal processing is to discover the secrets hidden in time data, and this course tries to show you the most common ways to discover these secrets. The main focus of this course is on the implementation of signal-processing techniques in MATLAB and Python. In this course, you will encounter more than 10,000 lines of MATLAB and Python code, and you will learn well the topics related to signal to process.

Items taught in this course:

  • Getting to know the most common signal processing tools
  • Design, evaluation, and application of digital filters
  • Cleaning and separating noise from data
  • Increasing MATLAB and Python programming skills
  • Generating test signals

Course specifications Signal processing problems, solved in MATLAB and in Python:

  • English language
  • Duration: 12 hours and 32 minutes
  • Number of courses: 98
  • Education level: Intermediate
  • Instructor: Mike X Cohen
  • File format: mp4

Signal processing problems Course headings

Signal processing problems

Signal processing problems Course prerequisites

  • Basic programming experience in MATLAB or Python
  • High-school math

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Signal processing problems

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