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Udemy – The Complete French Course : Learn French – Beginners 2021


The Complete French Course: Learn French – Beginners The Complete French Course: Learn French – For Beginners was published by Udemy Academy. French for beginners (A0 > A2). French, listening, grammar, reading, and vocabulary with a native teacher.

The course is divided into 28 lessons (16 hours of video), all of which follow a very logical progression based on many years of teaching and dozens of French methods. I also use this exact same material with my private students in one on one lessons and I can assure you they are making progress!

Each lesson has a specific purpose or topic and is accompanied by vocabulary and grammar. All this new knowledge is tested through many exercises. For that part (exercises) you need a pen and a piece of paper to do the exercises with me. It’s easy, just follow the instructions in the video! After each lesson, you will have access to a lesson summary, additional exercises (with corrections), and a vocabulary list. So please do your homework. The first 4 lessons are really made for beginners.

What you will learn in The Complete French Course: Learn French – Beginners:

  • Master the basics of French forever!
  • Start speaking real French with confidence. (Level A2)
  • Build and develop practical communication skills in French: speaking, listening, reading, and writing.
  • Be confident in your French skills, and use and understand everyday expressions.
  • Express yourself easily on familiar topics.
  • Learn grammar and vocabulary with fun explanations and exercises.

Who is this course suitable for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn French quickly and efficiently.
  • Students who want to quickly refresh their French.

Course details

  • Publisher: Udemy
  • Lecturer: Yohann Coussot
  • English language
  • Education level: Introductory
  • Number of courses: 144
  • Training duration: 15 hours and 20 minutes

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The Complete French Course topics on 5/2022


The Complete French Course

The Complete French Course prerequisites

You don’t need any prior knowledge to start this course.
The course is recommended to anyone who wants to learn French in a fast and efficient way.
It’s in French, don’t worry: Immersion is the best method of learning a language.
Native French-speaking teacher with a perfect accent.


The Complete French Course

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