The Nuxt 3 Bootcamp

Udemy – The Nuxt 3 Bootcamp – The Complete Developer Guide


The Nuxt 3 Bootcamp – The Complete Developer Guide is the name of a training course from the Udemy website. This course is a comprehensive course about Nuxt 3. In this course, all the content about Nuxt 3 starts from the basics, and the instructor with his skills in this field will teach you Nuxt 3 completely, so that you don’t need to see another course to learn Nuxt 3, but this The course has its own prerequisites that you must know well before taking this course. The prerequisites of this course are basic knowledge of JavaScript and Vue 3.

Let’s explain a little about Nuxt. Nuxt.js is a high-level and flexible framework as well as open source. This framework helps you to develop universal applications or single-page web applications more easily. To put it a little more simply, Nuxt is a framework for Vue.js that adds features such as server-side rendering of Vue programs, which help you develop web applications.

Items taught in this course:

  • Using nuxt to develop universal applications
  • Implement routing with a file-based approach

  • Use lots of Nuxt 3 composables
  • Using many features of Nuxt 3 such as useFetch, useAsyncData, useState or useMeta

Details of The Nuxt 3 Bootcamp – The Complete Developer Guide course

  • Publisher:  Udemy
  • English language
  • Duration: 11 hours and 58 minutes
  • Number of lessons: 115 lessons
  • Training level: beginner
  • Teacher: Laith Harb
  • File format: mp4

The Nuxt 3 Bootcamp Course headings


The Nuxt 3 Bootcamp

Prerequisite for The Nuxt 3 Bootcamp – The Complete Developer Guide

  • Basics of Vue 3
  • Basics of JavaScript


The Nuxt 3 Bootcamp

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