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PyTorch for Deep Learning is a practical and step-by-step training course for the PyTorch library for deep learning, published by the specialized Zero Two Master Academy. In this training course, you will get to know the process of designing and developing machine learning and deep learning models using the powerful PyTorch library in a completely practical and project-oriented way.

Zero Two Master Academy has guaranteed the up-to-date content and scientific and technical accuracy of the courses published on its website, and this course is practically one of the best and most complete courses available in the field of deep learning and the PyTorch framework. In the simplest possible definition, PyTorch is a library and framework based on the Python programming language, which is used in the development of models and systems based on machine learning and deep learning.

PiTorch allows you to develop your own unique algorithms or use widely used algorithms such as artificial neural networks for your various projects. Artificial neural networks have become very widespread today and most of the applications and systems based on artificial intelligence have taken advantage of them. Meta, Tesla, and Apple can be mentioned among the most important companies that have used this technology. Apple has exclusively developed advanced computational photography capabilities using existing deep-learning algorithms and models.

What you will learn in the PyTorch for Deep Learning course:

  • Installation, setup and basic configuration of PyTorch
  • Developing the first deep learning models with PyTorch
  • Advantages and potentials of PieTorch library in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning
  • Using deep learning in different applications and systems in an integrated manner
  • Design, development and exploitation of machine learning algorithms with Python programming language
  • And …

Course details

Publisher: Zero To
Master Instructor: Daniel Bourke
Language: English
Education level: Intermediate
Number of lessons: 324
Duration of training: 49 hours and 3 minutes

PyTorch for Deep Learning Course topics on 10/2022

PyTorch for Deep Learning

PyTorch for Deep Learning course prerequisites

A computer (Linux/Windows/Mac) with an internet connection
Basic Python knowledge

Previous Machine Learning knowledge is recommended, but not required. Daniel provides sufficient supplementary resources to get you up-to-speed
Experience using Jupyter Notebooks or Google Colab is recommended

PyTorch for Deep Learning Course images


PyTorch for Deep Learning

Installation guide

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The version of 2022/10 has increased the number of 150 lessons and the duration of 22 hours and 19 minutes compared to 2022/7.

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